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Class of 2024

Congratulations to the class of 2024!!!!


Have you taken your graduation photos yet?

It’s that time of year again, Spring is in the air and Prom season is about to be in full swing and I cannot wait to capture this milestone for this years graduates. Prom and Graduation is a milestone event in many teenagers' lives, it marks the end of their high school years and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.


Here are some reasons why you may need Grad photos:

Family Memories: Prom is a significant event in a teenager's life, and including parents/guardians in prom photos helps create family memories. Parents and Guardians are often the ones who supported their child through their high school years, and taking photos together can be a way to celebrate this special moment.

Capturing Special Moments: Prom photos can capture special moments that might not be captured otherwise. Parents often hold sentimental value to these moments and treasure them for years to come and having a tangible photo to commemorate their baby growing up and graduating is a moment that will be treasured for years to come.

Showing Gratitude: Prom is often an expensive event, and parents and guardians often bear the brunt of this cost and including your family in your prom photos is a way to suck it up and show them how much you love and appreciate their support during your teenage years. I promise it will be far less painful than watching your parents/guardians and grandparents try and work their cell phone to get the shot!

Reminiscing: It is important to remember major events or sport activities teenagers has performed in or activities teenagers engaged in and at graduation it may be the last time to remember these activities.

Overall, prom photos can be an important way to create memories, capture special moments, show gratitude, and continue traditions. These photos will be cherished by both the graduate and their family for years to come.​

I only take on a limited number of seniors so book your session now

We can take the photos in and Around Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley at your old school, a park or anywhere you prefer!


1 hr session | 20 digital images

$250 ($100 retainer due at booking)


2 hr session | 50 digital images

$450 ($100 retainer due at booking)


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