Maternity Photo Shoots

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Being pregnant is a special and fascinating time in your life. You must be very excited but I know things can be overwhelming while getting ready for the baby’s arrival. Remember to capture these special feelings between 30 and 35 weeks and remind yourself of this time in years to come.

​Maternity photography is about capturing the love for your baby whom you are nurturing for 9 months. The images captured will tell your baby the story of how he/she was loved even before the arrival.


Think of when last you looked at digital images of 1 year ago vs looking at a photo on your wall. For this reason I guide my customers to print ideal images to preserve these feelings so you can tell this wonderful loving story to your baby while remembering how wonderful it was to be pregnant. 


I offer a free pre-shoot consultation session with you before the shoot to understand your requirements and to help guide you with some ideas for your photo session. We will go over location, wardrobe, makeup, hair and many other important aspects relating to the shoot.

For more information on my pricing or how to book your maternity photoshoot click here.


The maternity photos are beautiful.

Thank you so much! 

We appreciate all your time and effort and will shoot with you again.