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About Me

I am a people photographer and love to share my knowledge with others trying to also capture some amazing images.

If you are interested in getting to know your camera and how to take photos let me know.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or Novice photographer I will teach you the basic skills of photography. 

The skills you will learn in these classes are the basic skills needed in creating great photographs.

Depending on your skill level you can start with any course listed below. Each course is 2-3 hours long and includes time to practice.


Course 1 - Understanding your camera, Camera Basics and Understanding Exposure

Course 2 - Art of Composition - See the light, Capture the Light


Course 3 - Advanced Camera Techniques - Making use of motion

Course 4 - Using Off-Camera Flash

Course 5 - Rules of Lighting and Introduction to Studio Lighting

Course 6 - Long Exposure Photography

Basic Photography Courses
$150 per course  (Class size limit 10 people)

Photography Education

 Practice Photography Courses
$350 per course  (Class size limit 10 people)

Since I am a people photographer, the focus of these courses will be to practice your skills as a photographer and get experienced models to pose for you to practice your skills.

I will arrange all kinds of models to practice with including; Fashion, Beauty, Swimsuit and Glamour models.

Course 7 - Working with models and posing

Course 8 - Soft Lighting

Course 9 - On-Location shooting

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