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Hello There, my name is Riaan and I am an easygoing freelance photographer on the Vancouver North Shore, over the last 5 years I loved to capture my customer's memories for posterity.

Imagine losing your mobile phone and all your family images on it, all your precious memories are gone forever, nothing to look back on, and nothing to share with friends and family! I get it we live in a fast-paced digital era where we share memories on social media and on digital devices but when last have you looked at photos from 10 years ago, do you know where they even are?


Therefore I believe in capturing amazing memories of loving couples, being pregnant, a family growing old together and preserving them for generations to come using tangible photo products you can put up on a wall or put on a coffee table.


I am an experienced Vancouver-based location photographer in outdoor portraits, loving couples, maternity, family, lifestyle, social media and corporate shoots.


Shooting on location and not in a traditional studio, allows my clients to feel more comfortable and relaxed allowing for a more natural, unique picture to be taken.

As a lifestyle photographer, I put my customers into positions and locations that will help them look their best, give them some cues to work with, then allow the scene to unfold so your personality and the connection between you. your loved ones and the location is able to come through.  


As a photographer, I develop a connection with my clients to produce images aesthetically beautiful and have a creative flair. Viewing the prints from the session you come to realize why I continue to push the boundaries of photography to produce one of kind portraits.

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