Hallo there I am Riaan the 604Photographer

My name is Riaan and I am an easygoing family photographer living in Chilliwack, BC, I love to capture my customer's memories for posterity as the family grows from a couple to maternity and expanding the  family.

How did I get started?

A number of years ago I bought a digital SLR and once I figured out how it works started taking pictures of my family. As can be expected it did not take long for my family to get tired of me asking them to "smile" as I tried out more of the settings of my new camera. Failure to get friendly faces to capture at home I ventured into the unknown to find other people to capture and loved it!

Not having a studio?

As I do not have my own studio, I quickly gained experience as a location or lifestyle photographer capturing outdoor portraits, loving couples, maternity, family, lifestyle, social media and corporate experiences.

Shooting on location and not in a traditional studio, allows my clients to feel more comfortable and relaxed allowing for a more natural, unique picture to be taken.

Why a Family Photographer?

Have you ever looked back at your holiday pictures of an amazing scene but without people? These pictures are soon discarded to view the pictures with people in them. 

Capturing memories of families, therefore, made a lot of sense to me and I love to guide my customers into positions and locations that will help them look their best, giving them some cues to work with, then allow the scene to unfold with their individual personality to come through.  

Producing heirloom products

I get it that we live in a fast-paced digital era where we share memories on social media and on digital devices but, when last have you looked at photos from 10 years ago, do you know where they even are?


Storage devices are also fallible and imagine losing your mobile phone or hard drive with all your family images on it, all your precious memories are gone forever, nothing to look back on, and nothing to share with friends and family!

As a photographer, I strive to capture my client's memories and produce portraits that are aesthetically beautiful also have a creative flair.  Therefore I believe in preserving precious portraits for generations to come viewing tangible photo products you can put up on a wall or put on a coffee table for years to come.

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for taking your time to visit! I hope that this is just the beginning of our relationship.

Fill out the contact form below, and let’s start planning to capture your memories for years to come!

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